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Care Assistant

Care Assistants frequently check up on patients to monitor their vital signs, help them move from place to place, deliver meals, feed patients, help them use the toilet and bathe. They communicate with patients about their symptoms and needs, reporting changes or concerns to other members of the patient's care team.

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Professional nursing values are defined as important professional nursing principles of human dignity, integrity, altruism, and justice that serve as a framework for standards, professional practice, and evaluation. Values play a key role in any profession including the nursing profession.

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Being a good chef requires use of both hard and soft skills. You need to show attention to detail, be able to multitask, have an excellent understanding of cleanliness and allergens as well as cooking techniques and culinary expertise.

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Domestic Cleaner

Domestic service, the employment of hired workers by private households for the performance of tasks such as housecleaning,gardening, and personal service. It also includes the performance of similar tasks for hire in public institutions and businesses, including hotels and boardinghouses.

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